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Eric and Gia are the owners of Neon Appeal, and lifelong friends with a mutual passion for helping businesses succeed. 

Eric was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. Gia was raised in Las Vegas, NV. They met at a networking event in Minneapolis many years ago, and formed a friendship that would lead them into a journey of success.

Their approach on any project is simple: Be honest about what's working (and what isn't), study the competition, never be afraid to get creative, and always keep track of the results along the way! 

Together with their dedicated team, their goal is to help businesses survive and thrive. 


Gia has built a diverse career in visual marketing. From beautiful graphics, custom websites, and engaging marketing campaigns - Her out of the box thinking has led her to work with such companies as EA Sports, Playstation, Goody's Popcorn, The Las Vegas Review Journal, LiveJasmin, and more. 

On her free time you'll find her in the gym breaking a sweat or in her kitchen whipping up a delicious meal, with her dog Freya dutifully standing by to pick up any crumbs.

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Eric is a former U.S. Marine with a background in military intelligence. His ability to study data and harvest digital strategies have helped him to set his client's apart from their competitors. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is his passion, studying the keywords and metrics which help a business stand out in search engines. He is also known as a digital strategist and consultant, offering advice on how and where to scale a business' digital presence. 

Eric enjoys being on the golf course soaking up the sun, or out on his motorcycle exploring new parts of Las Vegas.  

For more information, visit his personal site:

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